Our customers always receive a reliable and verifiable pricing. Therefore, we only offer fixed prices. We are committed to these fixed prices, if there are no fundamental changes to the volume of the source text, the deadline of the translation, as well as other significant requirements of the order.

The price of a translation depends on several factors such as:

  • specialist field
  • deadline of translation
  • volume of the text to be translated

Therefore, generally valid prices are not possible. In order to provide you with a free-of-charge quote, you should provide us the entire text to be translated.

We guarantee absolute confidentiality and discretion for submitted texts and information in the creation of offers as well as in all other workflows.

Minimum order value: 50 Euro

Cost estimations have a validity of two weeks.

Please, submit the text via email (preferred) or by post. If the size of the text submitted by email exceeds 4 Mb, please call for a new email account. Dates of visits have to be prearranged. Carriage charges for returning the translated texts and/or submissions are calculated additionally.

Patent inquiry, observation of competitors and markets, editorial activities

100 EUR per hour
800 EUR per diem

By utilization of data bases liable to pay the costs, the arising costs have to be paid by the client.